The registration system for 2017 closed on 25th May.

The volunteer application system for 2018 will open early next year.

No previous experience is needed for most roles, you get free entrance to the festival and a free festival staff top or t-shirt plus it's really good fun!

Points to note please:

1) This system only allows you to apply for roles and shifts, it does not allow you to transfer between roles or shifts or cancel your application. If you need to make alterations or cancellations after submission please email volunteers@oxtedbeerfestival.com and we will do this for you. We do understand that things change but would like to ask that due to the high level of admin please keep alterations to a minimum.

2) You should not apply for roles on behalf of other individuals and you should not apply for 2 shifts occurring at the same time on the same day. Duplicate applications or conflicting shifts may result in the entire application being cancelled. The checking of these errors is a manual process and therefore there may be a delay after submission in you receiving the cancellation notification. Upon discovery you will be notified of the cancellation and may be asked to re-apply if necessary.

3) If your preferred role or shift time is full, please consider volunteering for other roles and/or shift times. We do not increase the no of volunteers required in a specific area at a specific time to suit individual requests.

4) This is an application system only and your chosen shifts and roles are not always guaranteed. Although we do try to accommodate your requests and allocate according to your application, the organisers of the festival do reserve the right to refuse your application or to request that you transfer to a different area of the festival should this be necessary, in which case we would notify you prior to the 25th May 2017.

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If you would like to apply to volunteer for OXBF17 please indicate the shifts you would like to apply for from the drop down menu below and click on the book button.....