Volunteer Job Descriptions

Site Dressing & Build (Age 15+)

General Set Up - Hanging banners, bunting, site signs, setting out bins etc... a tendency towards OCD is preferable for this role :-)

Beer Cellar & Racking Staff (Age 18+)

We have delivery of over 300 barrels of beer, cider, and lager arriving on the Wednesday of build week all of which has to be counted, racked and stored. This job is sure to sort the men out from the boys!

Beer Bar Staff (Age 18+)

If you want to spend your weekend with Ze Crazy German serving beer, lager and cider then this is the job for you! Rodney is back in his domain as Bar Manager with as much subtlety as a German bulldoze tank - but we all love him!

Pimms & Fizz Bar Staff (Age 18+)

A job for the girls! This is a fun place to work but it does get crazy at times, oh and if you are a "fruit cutting Ninja" this role is defiantly for you!

Soft Drinks & Merchandise (Age 18+)

New for 2017 our separate soft drinks bar will be centrally located in the festival village and along with an expanded soft drinks choice will be selling our fabulous festival T shirts and other merchandise.

Beero De Change Staff (Age 18+)

If you have not worked at the Beero De Change before and would like to, please email volunteers@oxtedbeerfestival.com before signing up for this area - Thank you.

Titsey Rotary Club Stewards (Age 18+)

Our stewards at the festival are arranged by The Titsey Rotary Club, if you would like to join this hard working jolly team of volunteers please sign up here.

Production & Back of House Crew (Age 18+)

Previous experience is required for this role. Please email your CV to volunteers@oxtedbeerfestival.com before signing up.

Silent Disco Concierge (Age 18+)

This role involves overseeing the entrance to our new silent disco and the unique opportunity to laugh at those dancing inside. These are long shifts but this is a job share role so you can take breaks.

Counting Team (Age 18+)

We need a number of people preferably with experience in this area to count worthless bits of paper! If you would like to be considered for this role please email volunteers@oxtedbeerfestival.com.

Street Clean Team (Age 15+)

Removing glass and litter from the park & surrounding streets and collecting glasses from site taking home to wash and returning clean before 11.30am. These jobs are for our "unsung heroes" - please sign up for this if you can as we desperately need to recycle our glasses and ensure there is no broken glass left around the park and the streets.

Site Derig Crew (Age 15+)

Choose this role and you will think you have turned up on the set of "Hangover 2"- No one ever wants to do this job! Please be aware this is labour intensive and involves lifting and carrying. Please email volunteers@oxtedbeerfestival.com if you are interested in this role.