The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust

A few days before the 2015 festival the OLCC hosted a charity cricket match between The Lord’s Taverners, managed by ex-England star Mike Gatting, and the Yankee Wanderers. Rather than having a contribution towards costs for the infrastructure for the event the festival requested that the funds be donated to the Kent and Surrey Air Ambulance Trust.

The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust is a registered charity dating back to 1989 and exists to relieve sick and injured people in South East England and surrounding areas by providing a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) and Air Ambulance service for the benefit of the community.

Responding to 999 calls and operating from Marden in Kent and Redhill in Surrey, the helicopters fly at speeds of up to 150mph and between them can reach any part of Kent, Surrey or Sussex in under 25 minutes flying time. The highly skilled teams of Specialist Doctors and Critical Care Paramedics effectively bring the equivalent of an A&E department to the scene of an incident and can transport patients to the most appropriate specialist unit or nearest major hospital in a fraction of the time taken by land ambulance. Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance relies almost entirely upon donations to keep the service going.