Anne Dickins

Through funds generated from the 2015 festival Titsey Rotary Club sponsored Anne’s attempt to qualify for the Rio Paralympics. She went on to be the 100th Gold Medal winner at the Paralympics

My name is Anne and I am a GB para canoeist. I am the current World Gold medalist and world record holder. I used to be an endurance mountain biker until a back injury in 2011 left me with a permanently weak leg, making it impossible for me to enjoy my bike anymore. I thought this meant the end of sport for me. A chance meeting with a GB para canoe coach at the London 2012 Olympics where we were both working as Gamesmakers led to me being invited to try for GB canoe squad selection. I accepted the offer of learning to kayak well enough to achieve GB squad selection time in just 2 months with enthusiasm. The last 3 1/2 years has been an incredible journey with a very steep learning curve. It was a bold and crazy dream, but powered by hard work, optimism and supported by generous and talented people I blew that original goal clean out of the water! I am hugely honoured and excited to announce that I have been selected to represent my country at the 2016 Rio paralympics! I hope my story has something in it to inspire you. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. All you need is to want 'it' (a lot), surround yourself by positive and talented people and then anything is possible.