Titsey Rotarty Youth Sports

TROYS is a new initiative created by Titsey Rotary Club to encourage greater participation in youth sport. Festival funds from 2015 have been allocated to the TROYS fund to help them support local sports clubs to build their youth membership.

Titsey Rotary will help introduce young people to sports and where appropriate give some assistance with subscriptions, fees and the cost of kit. The scheme TROYS is designed to help young people get involved with organised sport. It is well known that young people who take part in organised sports gain many social, mental and psychological benefits. But apart from that it’s fun, you meet new people and it’s good healthy exercise.

TROYS has teamed up with a number of local sports clubs so that new players get proper coaching in a safe controlled environment. The scheme is open to all ages and abilities and currently focusses on rugby, netball, racquet sports and riding.