Titsey Rotary Club

In recognition of the hard work done by the Rotary Club in manning the front desk at the 2014 and 2015 festivals and stewarding subsequent festivals they are provided with funding to enable them to continue their good work in supporting worthy causes throughout the community.

Back in early 2014 The Titsey Rotary Club agreed to provide volunteers for the reception desk at the Oxted Beer Festival in July 2014. The reception desk at the 2014 festival was an extremely busy area and not an easy task to manage, but the Rotary Club members did an excellent job and carried this task out with smiles on their faces, we are most grateful to them for all their hard work and efforts and thankful for their on going support.

With the introduction of a new entrance system at the 2016 festival the Rotary club changed roles and did a fantastic job of providing stewards to hand out glasses and generally give out information to people as they enter the festival. We look forward to continuing this relationship, they are a fantastic group of people who do a great deal of good work in our community.