From funds raised at the 2014 festival and in conjunction with Titsey Rotary Club a contribution was made to Racquet Sports for Children with Special Needs which will enable them to continue to support the children and enable them to extend the program and allow more 5-23 year olds with special needs to participate in racket sports.

R.A.S.C.A.L.S is a local based charity set up to provide young people between the ages of 5 and 23, who have a physical, sensory, or mental disability, the chance to participate in racket sports.

Children from Clifton Hill School in Caterham have been going to Limpsfield LTC every Friday during term time since the charity was started in 1992 and currently children from Moor House School go for tennis to ‘Lifeline’ in Hurst Green, where RASCALS also sponsor wheelchair tennis.

What has become apparent through these sessions is that the children gain so much pleasure and make a great deal of improvement by being included in an activity that appears to be outside their scope. One aspect that has become very apparent and has been commented upon by school staff and parents was the big improvement in the children’s co-ordination in everything they did.

RASCALS is always looking for new clubs/sports centres prepared to give time and tuition to children with special needs, as well as trying to find children who may benefit. For more info please contact:

Mrs. Chuck Lugg
Hon. Secretary
01883 717473