Oxted and Limpsfield Cricket Club - Ground Renovations & New Mower

From the proceeds raised at the 2014 festival a contribution was made to Oxted and Limpsfield Cricket Club towards a new mower and significant improvements to their three grounds.

These include improved drainage at Master Park and Crockham Hill; the creation of four extra Colts pitches at Master Park and Grub Street and complete overhauling and levelling of the squares at Grub Street and Crockham Hill. Additional treatments to the outfields were also carried out.

With these improvements OLCC will have three excellent facilities that will provide not only direct benefit to the members of the cricket club, but by providing attractive vistas and lush outfields, better amenities to the greater Oxted and Limpsfield community.

The ground improvements will provide the club with better surfaces to play matches on whilst significantly increasing the training facilities on grass. At the same time the drainage has been improved at Master Park, which should help reduce and hopefully eliminate the run-off over the square after heavy rain.

At Grub Street we have increased the size of the square enabling more matches to be played there and continue to work on the outfield and its surrounds to ensure the best possible playing experience.

And finally the surface of the square at Crockham Hill was completely re-laid and should provide an excellent surface for both the senior and colts’ cricket played there.