The Nosh Box

In November 2015 we quit our jobs in Tourism and Marketing and embarked on a 6 month expedition round the world. Our existing love for Travel and Food developed during this time. After experiencing the vibrant Street Food of Asia and America we returned home with a rucksack full of ideas! We quickly established that we wouldnt be returning to a mainstream working environment!

Upon touching down in England we upped sticks from Wiltshire to the most Southerly tip of Cornwall and after a Summer of slogging it in the Sunshine we bought the NOSH BOX and ploughed all our savings into its renovation.

Converted from a Sinclair Horse Trailer into a Vintage Mobile Kitchen the NOSH BOX serving Tea, Coffee, sourced from our Village and Homemade Cakes! Now based in Wiltshire we are perfect for FESTIVALS, WEDDINGS, PARTIES, MARKETS and CORPORATE EVENTS.

Check out our Gallery or contact us for more info.

Ellie & Sam