Craft Beer Bar

This year the Hop Stop team will be serving the latest keg beers and craft cans from the NEW - Hop Stop Bar!

Fancy drinking something a little different this year?
Check out the NEW Hop Stop bar at the Oxted Beer & Music Festival 2017!

At Hop Stop, Oxted’s specialist beer shop, we thought supplying the best cask ale and lager in the main tent wasn’t enough for you all, so in addition, this year we are operating a separate 'keg and canned' beer bar where you can try the latest and greatest from the world of craft beer.

We will be pouring a mix of keg beers from pale ales to IPA’s, and of course a lager for when the sun is out, plus we will have a huge range of the latest contemporary cans from the likes of Beavertown, Camden, Moor and Tiny Rebel to name just a few.

Whether you want to try a new style of beer, or return to an old favourite (Neck Oil anyone?), or maybe would rather dance with a can rather than spilling your pint down yourself! - We will have a beer for you!

Come down, have a chat, sample, and experience the Hop Stop Bar!