Cider Bar

An extended range of great locally sourced ciders are on offer this year, with some interesting flavours and varieties in abundance!

Biddenden's DRY - 8%

Famous’ Strong Kentish Cider is still and smooth with a refreshing apple taste.
Created using the traditional Barnes’ family recipe, all Biddenden’s ciders are produced from a blend of farm-pressed, quality Kentish culinary and dessert apples. 

Biddenden's BUSHELS - 6%

A less strong alternative to the Dry, Bushels is a still cider, medium-dry in flavour. 

Biddenden's RED LOVE - 5%

A medium cider with a natural rosé blush and an intense, crisp apple flavour owing to the Red Love variety which are naturally red skinned, red fleshed apples.
The unique single-varietal cider is exclusive to Biddenden, in conjunction with AG Thames, the only company with the rights to grow the variety in the UK for commercial purposes, and East Malling Research, where the trees are planted. 

Black Pig Orchards DRY - 7%

A specially selected mix of Black Pig Orchard's pressed apples from Danehill in Sussex.
The juice is fermented and matured in oak barrels for 19 months to bring you a mellow light oaked cyder with good strength and a strong apple nose.
This years winner at CAMRA Sussex Beer and Cider Festival.

Black Pig Orchards MEDUIM - 7%

The medium cider is sweetened with British Sugar Beet.

Kent Cider Company STRAWBERRY - 5.5%

Sweet, light and fruity. Apple cider blended with local freshly steamed strawberries. 2016 CAMRA award winner.

Kent Cider Company RHUBARD - 5.0%

A refreshing, unusual and absolutely delicious sweet cider produced from freshly pressed Kentish Rhubarb. Summer 2016’s Best Seller.

Kent Cider Company ELDERFLOWER - 5.5%

Blended with sweet elderflower for a floral finish.
Try something different and serve with ice and a slice of sharp fresh lemon; a perfectly refreshing combination

Kent Cider Company TOFFEE APPLE - 5.5%

Perfect combination of crisp apple with sweet caramel and demerara sugar gives this traditional cider a contemporary twist.
A delicious and melt in the mouth experience. CAMRA award winner. 

Kent Cider Company VIMTOP - 5.5%

A nod to the 70’s tradition of putting Vimto in your cider. Berry flavour, flushed pink.